We create new ways to get inspired

We always take our clients to the next big thing

Faza is a production company that breathes content. we came here exactly 20 years ago: Paz and Yifat Galinsky, sisters by birth, to study people, create experiences, and inspire.  Since 1997, Faza has produced and created events full of original, cultural, living, and thinking content for tier-1 enterprises in Israel -  clients who yearn, like us, to test limits, to surprise themselves, to send out a well-tuned message, to enjoy the journey.

For 20 years, more than 20 super-talented people, with cheery presence and talents, have taken us a long way.   



So what’s the story?

we specialize in telling good and well-selling stories - stories of exhibitions and visitor centers, launches and conventions, employee events, and marketing campaigns in the making.  We are here to bring the the punch, the hook, to create the next format.

In Israel and around the world. Small and large alike.

We have traveled the world over, we have encountered many cultures, we have breathed the nature of business relationships.  we know what needs to be done. we are good at both large and small - an intimate meeting of ten people as well as a mass international event.  from a discrete visit by an international rock star to a widely publicized event such as a papal visit to Israel.  in Israel and overseas, we pack our bag of ideas and come. 

What is it like to work with us? 

 First of all – fun! there must be fun, or we’d go crazy.  we provide a 360-degree response, from a precise inquiry into the needs and building the project strategy, to the planning and production, including the use of state-of-the-art technologies. 

How? with the most talented people: creative people, designers, producers, logistics people, strategists, directors, and a great many talented friends who share the premises with us and enrich us.  we have a team that has played together for years with perfectionism, constant innovation, and a great love for what we do.   


A global mindset with a Tel Aviv perspective
We create culture

The ambition to innovate, fascinate, and create has made Faza an influential factor in the Israeli cultural and artistic scene.  Faza has a track record of successes, such as PechaKucha and Fresh Paint, Jerusalem Season of Culture events, and the  Fly Beyond Tel aviv image campaign.   

Fascinating cultural initiatives frequent our offices, and are always examined with a love for art and culture and the people working in this field.

Anyone who is curious about what we do is invited to come in, call, send an email, or simply knock on the door and enter. 


Ifat Galinsky

Partner and Co-CEO

Paz Galinsky

Partner and Co-CEO

Yoram Fridlander

Partner and Co-CEO

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